ROMI D 1500

Machining Centres

ROMI D 1500
Automatic Tool Changer
CNC Siemens Sinumerik 828D
ROMI D 1500


Equipped with high power and torque motors, allowing for both heavy and high-speed machining operations. The ROMI D 1500 features a very robust design structure, offering rigidity and vibration absorption in heavy machining operations. Equipped with high power and torque motorization, allowing high chip removal rates.

The upper and lower tables, supported by linear guides with high load capacity, are dimensioned to support heavy parts with excellent stability, assuring that high speeds, excellent movement precision, and axis positioning are achieved. The lower table of the ROMI D 1500 is supported by four linear guides, allowing the table assembly to support parts up to 1,800kg.

ROMI D 1500

Main Technical Features

ROMI D 1500
Spindle Taper (ISO)ISO40 / 50
Speed Range rpm6,000
Speed Range rpm8,000
Speed Range rpm10,000
Speed Range rpm12,000
Speed Range rpm-
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z)m/min30
Tools Capacity-30 / 24
Main Motor AChp / kW 30 / 22
ROMI D 1500


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