ROMI EL Series

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Injector ROMI EL 300
Linear guides on closing and injection units.
Energy classification according Euromap 60.1 (cycle I)
Injector ROMI EL 75
ROMI EL Series


Our all-electric machine is the upgrade of the EN range, total overlap of movements, even lower energy consumption with the highest precision, repeatability and short cycles, our technical machine for all your engineering applications. Clamping tonnage from 75 to 300T.

Main Advantages:

  • Up to 60% reduction of energy consumption.
  • Highly energy efficient with the use of servomotors.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Mould environment free from contamination – Clean Room.
  • Centesimal accuracy of all movements through optical encoder system servomotors and use of linear guides.
  • Less weight variation of injected parts.
  • Up to 25% shorter cycle time.
  • Injected mass repeatability around +/- 0.075%.
  • Lower noise level (close to 60 decibels).
  • Up to 80% less generation of ambient heat.
  • Specifications in accordance with EUROMAP standards.
  • Technical safety requirements in accordance with CE standards.
  • Reinforced mould platens, ample distance between tie bars and mould fixing “T” slots.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Total overlap of movements.
  • High plasticizing capacity.
  • Closed loop control.


Control Panel

A new generation of technology that significantly reduces the programming time and increases the range of possible controls to be applied in the process.

  • 15” touch-screen display.
  • USB port for data transfer and storage.
  • Remote connectivity via Ethernet 10/100 (Wi-Fi upgradable)
  • Field bus Ethernet Power Link.
  • Connectivity via the Internet, VNC Server, Web server, FTP server and server PVI.
ROMI EL Series

Main Technical Features

Controlmaster Panel-CM20e-ONEe-ONEe-ONECM20
Mould clamping forcet75100150220300
Maximum opening strokemm360410460560650
Mould height (max. x min.)mm420 x 130460 x 150520 x 160630 x 200730 x 200
Distance between tie bars (hor. x ver.) mm420 x 420410 x 410460 x 460560 x 560730 x 730
ROMI EL Series


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